All of PECG’s resources are dedicated to achieving one goal: to provide you with the most effective representation.

PECG was established in 1962 in the San Francisco Bay Area as a letter writing campaign to defend the State of California Department of Public Works, Division of Highways (which is now Caltrans) against the bashing by the news media. Since then, PECG has been providing effective, dependable representation in employment and professional matters to you and 14,000 plus other state-employed engineers, architects, engineering geologists, landscape architects, land surveyors, and related specialists for over 40 years.

You and other members elect our leaders and establish our policies. PECG is neither affiliated with nor controlled by any other organization. You are in one of 17 PECG Sections that geographically cover the state. Each Section elects a director who serves on the PECG Board of Directors along with statewide elected officers.

The crucial task of contract negotiations is conducted by negotitation teams charied by the elected statewide vice presidents for collective bargaining and supervisory employees. PECG also provides individual representation in disciplinary appeals, grievances, and arbitrations and is very active in the Legislature and the courts.

PECG has offices in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Francisco. It employs professional negotiators, consultants, attorneys, support staff and Sacramento lobbyist.